Plebware Network Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy 2016:
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 Plebware Network Members.
This network: stores temporary cookies that are removed when you close the browser window, such as a user session identifier; also cookies are used for the "remember me" feature; also cookies are used to detect if Javascript is enabled; stores cookies (yes/no) for remembering what things have been turned off/closed; stores cookies for improving the usability of engaging aspects such as the chat room or forum (in particular, Auto-Saving Of Partly Typed Posts); stores other kinds of cookie that are mentioned before they are set; logs basic information pertaining to your computer including your IP address, web browser name, and operating system; stores other information that you explicitly enter, such as your ocPortal account information, or forum posts;
if you are logged in, your member profile will update the publicly displayed time that you last visited (which will also be stored in a cookie), and you will show as online (unless you login as invisible).

We will send monthly bulk emails to Otto Speaks Newsletters, PlebChurch Newsletter, Plebware Newsletter to our MailChimp Newsletter Subscribers, See MailChimp Privacy Policy and MailChimp Terms
for matters relating to 
Plebware Network we may occasionally send bulk emails, Regarding Plebware Network which is  A Portal for any Christian or Ordinary Person like site or network changes e-mails will be sent automatically using ocPortal built in e-mail server

We will not send bulk e-mails or allow others to send bulk e-mails, which we believe would be considered spam.

We will not share private details other than what can be seen in the forum profile and public postings unless legally required to do so